My Take: Scheduling and Planning

Here we go!  It's been a while, and I had this article lined up for so long I wanted to post it (finally).  I'll make it relatively painless.  This is my take on scheduling and planning, from someone who actually (somewhat) enjoys it. I think we all know why we need a schedule, so let … Continue reading My Take: Scheduling and Planning

Why I Quit CC and Joined a Public High School

This seemed like a quick decision, and it pretty much was. Don't worry, though; we put some thought into it! I have been attending a public high school for about three weeks now. Three weeks ago, coming home from church, my mom announced that she wanted me to go to a public school. And that … Continue reading Why I Quit CC and Joined a Public High School

Breaking News

This is breaking news. I quit Classical Conversations Challenge I. And I joined a public school. Have I turned to the darkside? Stay tuned for a longer article on the good, the bad, and the ugly of public school and CC, and what influenced my decision to make the switch!