Why I Quit CC and Joined a Public High School

This seemed like a quick decision, and it pretty much was. Don’t worry, though; we put some thought into it!

I have been attending a public high school for about three weeks now. Three weeks ago, coming home from church, my mom announced that she wanted me to go to a public school. And that was that, because Mom said. No, just kidding. We had an unofficial family council in our council room (a large couch that has faithfully listened to all our hopes, fears, and prayers over the years) and talked through our decision carefully.

This was not something that came out of the blue. The topic has come up various times over the past couple years, but never very seriously, at least not on my part. My parents thought about it occasionally, though. Honestly, this decision depended a lot on gut feeling, and my family and I strongly felt this was the right decision.

In short, the reason why I joined a public high school is because it gave me better options for my education. Classical Conversations does not leave much room for doing extra courses on the side. Yes, you can tailor CC to fit your needs, but there is still a limit to how much you can tailor. I had already quit Latin, modified my entire LTW strand so I could learn different styles of essay-writing, and wasn’t too happy with the Apologia science curriculum.

I’ve always wanted to take AP courses. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to do this alongside CC, which as I have explained in other articles, takes up the majority of your time. Also, since I aim to go into the medical field in the future, I want to take classes that are related to that. CC has a decent science and math program, but it’s heavily language arts focused.

If you were wondering, these are the classes I am taking:

Medical Science

AP Physics

AP Human Geography

Honors English

Spanish 2

Honors Geometry

Another plus about public school is that there’s no stress over what curriculum to buy, puzzling out credits and documentation, etc. No system is perfect, of course, and public school has its own problems, but I’ll get to that later.

So, that’s why I quit CC and joined a public high school. I’m not saying CC is a bad option; it has faithfully served my education for seven years. I just want to share this crazy transition with you all! I am excited to see where high school takes me!

Thanks for reading and feel free to look around at other posts!


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