Why You Should Give Up

Wow!  Can you believe it?  School’s actually here!

In the excitement of schedules, planners, assignments, classes, and half-used notebooks, it’s really easy to get sidetracked and overwhelmed.  You focus entirely on what you need to get done, how you need to crack down on school work, and on what you can do.

Maybe, like me, you’re focused on not giving up.  Not in the sense of perseverance, but in that death-grip control you can’t give up.

This can lead to burnout.  Maybe, like me, you’re dreading that wall that will inevitably hit you sometime during the school year.  Near the end, in a few months, maybe next week?  Lately I’ve been posting articles about what you can do, what you should do, et cetera.  They aren’t bad tips, they’re good ones.  But, I’ve found, when I approach school—or life—with an I-won’t-give-up attitude, that wicked wall will be just around the next bend.

How to avoid it?  This time, this isn’t about what you should do.  It’s about surrendering, giving up, letting Someone else take control.

As human beings, our nature is to clench our steering wheels with both hands and never let go—no force, no might, no strength shall sway our little fingers from the wheel.  Sadly, when this happens, we don’t allow ourself to relax, accept, be strengthened.  Admittedly, I’ve fallen into this trap time after time.  Somehow, I think, if I just try hard enough then maybe something will happen.  I can avoid the wall.  Through pure exertion of my will, can finish it.

And guess what?  Every single time, I fail.  So what’s the problem?  The truth is, it is impossible for me to do anything alone—whether that be life, temptations, reaching goals, and other things.

I don’t like it sometimes, but God is the one who should be holding that wheel.  I should be sitting in the passenger seat and letting Him take me where I need to go.  He knows better than I do; why, He’s the creator of the universe!  All I need to do is give up—and sometimes that’s just too hard.

The reason I say this is not to guilt-trip you into submission to God’s will, but because it is beautiful, freeing, and calming.  In Him there is no fear, no uncertainty, no confusion.  I want you to know it for yourself, whether you already believe in His love or not.  I want to share it with you!

So when you have reasons to be thankful, when life falls apart before your eyes, and even when you wake up in the morning, let Him be the first priority in your life and your love.  I promise you: you will not regret it.  If your priorities are in the right place, then everything else—I put school into the “everything else” category—will fall into place.  First God, then you can apply those tips and strategies.

Originally, I was going to post another article about tactics to apply to school, but when I sat down to write I couldn’t.  Nothing I wrote made sense, and it didn’t feel right.  That’s why I didn’t post last Tuesday.  But today God has impressed upon my heart to share this with you all, and I hope you will find Him and the peace He gives, by giving up and letting Him hold you.

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